A Family-Friendly Cabin

A Family-Friendly Cabin With Furnished Deck

You’ll want to take a closer look at this family-friendly log cabin complete with a furnished deck. The Cambridge log home is located in Ohio and there are so many details to love. The stunning log cabin building has 1,252 square feet of space with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The Cambridge is a very popular traditional log home that is designed for those who desire a smaller, three-bedroom home at an affordable price. This cabin building still features the popular open-concept great room with an exposed timbered ceiling and fireplace, a deck off the dining room, and an open loft overlooking the downstairs. A log cabin building is a great place to start making treasured memories with family and friends.

A Family-Friendly Cabin

Upstairs, the rear shed dormer maximizes the space in the back bedroom, loft and bath. This efficient, step-saving floor plan also includes a convenient first-floor laundry/mudroom accessible from the kitchen or outside and a built-in kitchen pantry. There is a bay window in the dining area which offers an expanded view out the back. The full-length front porch and double dormers grace the front.

A vacation stay at this family-friendly cabin building might have you considering a cabin of your own. Log homes are more healthy than ever before. In the last 75 years, 1000’s different chemicals have been introduced, with one study saying as much as 80,000. While some, may be safe for humans, others maybe not so much. In construction alone, you could make a huge list of chemicals that get used to making building material for new home designs, not to mention the chemicals that get used directly in building the homes themselves such as glues, finishes, and caulking. Since the energy crunch of the ’70s, builders have been tightening the homes to make them more energy efficient which, in turn, has made the problem worse. As contaminates get trapped inside of homes, people can get sick.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is believed to have worsened as more people are exposed to polluted indoor air. As people spend most of their time indoors, which is said to be as much as 90 percent. And, what’s more, the elderly, young children, and people with chronic illnesses get outdoor even less, which is the population that is most vulnerable to chemicals. Experts say that poor air quality leads to or accelerates allergies, asthma, respiratory illness, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other serious conditions.

While you can’t eliminate all chemicals in building a home, a log house does greatly reduce the number of chemicals that you and your family get exposed to. Log houses are made of natural wood. The logs used in Hochstetler Log Homes in the log house building don’t outgas, have little to no chemicals unless pressure treated, with no formaldehyde and no fumes in the air. The finish used on the inside of the logs, which is normally water-based, with zero VOC’s is probably the chief if any concern that one would have.

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