Amazing Bamboo Bungalow In Gerepuk

Amazing Bamboo Bungalow In Gerepuk, Indonesia

Amazing Bamboo Bungalow In Gerepuk, Indonesia. Take a look inside this unique vacation home located in Lombok, Nusa Tengara, Indonesia. The stunning and cozy bamboo eco bungalow sits at the top of the Siwak hills in Gerupuk Bay with incredible views of two amazing tropical beaches. This is the perfect place for a solo traveler or a couple to have a private getaway out in nature. This lovely eco-bungalow with its stunning bamboo structure is an ideal haven from noise and urban development and offers one of the most wonderful sea and sunset views of southern Lombok, Indonesia. It is located in Siwak, at the end of Gerupuk Bay, 5.5 miles away from Kuta Lombok. There are 5 waves right outside the bay for all surfing levels, beginners and pros. The eco-house was designed by a Spanish architect specializing in sustainable building and was built in 2014 entirely of bamboo and other natural materials from Lombok and Indonesia. It is a perfect retreat for travelers and sea lovers.

Amazing Bamboo Bungalow In Gerepuk

The 430 square feet of space is divided into three spaces including a lovely inside space with a back bathroom, the outdoor kitchen and dining, and the upstairs where the bed is located. The bungalow has a terrace above the dining that offers 360-degree panoramic views to the bay and from where you can enjoy an incredible sunset. Upstairs you’ll find the living room with the open kitchen opening to the big and marvelous terrace, and downstairs is the more enclosed bedroom with an open concept bathroom next to it. It is perfect for a couple or a small family. The eco-house was carefully designed to make sure that it would fit in this wonderful natural spot. The bungalow is entire of built-in natural and local building materials, it is naturally ventilated and it has a well that captures rainwater and provides fresh water.

The driving concept behind its design was to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, this is why much care was taken to reduce the energy consumption and to fully integrate the building with its surroundings. There is no such villa on the whole island, it has the power to make visitors feel at home and breathe a peaceful atmosphere. The vacation home is conveniently situated 30 minutes drive from Lombok’s International Airport and only a 5-minute walk from the closest beach, this location offers the rare opportunity to accommodate the needs of sports lovers and those who just want to relax. Lombok has a reputation for being amazing surfing, diving, and fishing spot and is renowned for its empty white-sanded beaches and green, hilly, and breezy surroundings. These and other features make it the ideal holiday destination for experiencing one of Southeast Asia’s most un-spoilt islands while adventuring in its wonderful natural landscapes.

The closest inhabited area is Siwak, by Grupuk bay, a lovely fisherman’s village that offers surfing lessons and fishing trips. Local people are very friendly and used to foreigners, who love to come here spending long periods of a break from the usual routine. This house is the perfect spot for an amazing summer experience-rich, relaxed as well as adventurous, and fun.

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