Big Fancy Tiny House With BBQ Deck, Better Than An RV!

You’ll want to take a look at all the options available from Seattle Tiny Homes a tiny house company that specializes in tiny structures on wheels. They believe smaller abodes create serenity and simplicity and are better for the environment. You can use a tiny structure as a home, a mother-in-law’s apartment, a retirement cottage, an extra bedroom for a college student, a home office, or a studio, the options are endless. They personalize your tiny home and build it to the highest standards of quality. All of their completed structures are licensed as RV travel trailers. So if you want to live in a tiny home or place one on your property and use possibly as an Airbnb, mother-in-law suite, or backyard office, the first step in the tiny home journey is a giant leap of faith but a rewarding one.

Big Fancy Tiny House

You want your tiny home to reflect your dreams and how you live. Every square inch should work in harmony with your goals for your tiny house space. Seattle Tiny Homes offers design services to help you achieve your dreams for detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs/DADUs), vacation cottages, garage/shed conversions, tiny houses on wheels, and wherever a highly efficient and functional design.

Many people would live a minimalist lifestyle if they were given the opportunity. One thing that people are often confused about is where they can park their tiny house on wheels. This will vary depending on where you live, so you’ll want to start by doing your research within your local municipality or state government, as it’s important to know your zoning and coding restrictions and regulations. The following are some of the places you can park your tiny house on wheels.

A Tiny House Community. Tiny house communities are becoming more common across North America as those pioneers of the tiny house movement continue to push for the legislature to legalize tiny homes. These communities are hosted by a diverse group of landowners who lease spaces–some full-hook-ups and some boondocking–to tiny house owners. Many are designed like a typical campground, though most are focused on sustainability so they may have a shared space such as a garden. Others are more wooded and offer much more privacy and seclusion than a typical RV park.

RV Campground. Not all tiny house communities are RV friendly much like not all RV parks are tiny house friendly. However, legally, if your tiny home has been built by a manufacturer who certifies them with an RV or RVIA certification, an RV campground should be an option for you. There are, however, other stipulations to research such as your size. For instance, most national parks will not allow any rig to park overnight if its length exceeds 42 feet.

Residential Land or Agricultural Property. You will want to be sure and do your due diligence in researching your local area. Every municipality is different. However, many people are parking in a friend’s backyard, or renting a spot from someone looking for extra income. While the situation may not be permanent if local officials decide to make an issue, this kind of space can be a great option for an extended period.


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