Enjoy A Dream Tree-House

Experience & Enjoy A Dream Tree-House By The Lake!

Experience & Enjoy A Dream Tree-House By The Lake! This treehouse vacation rental located in Cavinti, Calabarzon, Philippines is like nothing you’ve seen before. The unique treehouse can accommodate up to 2 guests, with 1 bedroom, and 1.5 shared baths. Fulfill your childhood dreams of staying in a treehouse, the perfect place to explore, experience, and enjoy. Imagine yourself in this treehouse on top of a mountain surrounded by a freshwater lake abundant with fish where different kinds of birds are in the air and lush green trees are everywhere. A treehouse vacation stay is a private place elevated high from the ground where you can chill alone or with your special someone to rest and relax to the max. Take a break by swimming, fishing, boating, or simply read a book in a hammock.

 Enjoy A Dream Tree-House

The Tree-T-House is another version of T-House located at the lakeshore of the Camp-T-House within the Bloc Camp Site. It’s an elevated Tiny House Glamping accommodation perched between two trees beside the lake. At the lower level, guests of the treehouse will enjoy chilling out on an alfresco but covered spacious wooden deck. You can grill barbecue here, have a romantic dinner, or even pitch a tiny tent to camp. There are hammocks also available where one can relax by reading a book or taking a nap. And then at one side is a stair that leads to the higher level. Once on top, another hammock cantilevered over the lake will greet you beside the sunset balcony. A sliding glass door will open up to a compact room with a transformer sofa bed to lounge or sleep at night. Another balcony at the opposite sliding door will lead you out to have a view of the morning sun over the mountains. Although the breeze on top of the tree is so cool already, there is also an option to turn on an air conditioner. Enjoy A Dream Tree-House

The Tree-T-House is so tiny, it could only conveniently fit 1 to 2 people with a maximum of about 5 feet 8 inches in height. If you are in need of a treehouse that is higher in height you may book the other bigger T-House accommodations like the Cube-T-House or the Truck-T-House. Each guest of the treehouses enjoys the immediate premises of their booked T-House plus some shared amenities such as the lake, shore, grounds, and facilities to include cooking, dining, toilet, and bath. The Intex swimming pool seen in some photos is not included. It serves as a rainwater catchment and water reservoir to supplement the need for clean water for the maintenance of the site.

The simple way to determine the price is to visit the Airbnb account. When you are at the booking page, select your preferred check-in and check-out dates. Immediately after, input the number of guests where you choose 1 Guest if solo, 2 guests if a couple, 3 or 4 guests if small group. Then Airbnb will automatically compute it for you. This treehouse vacation rental is set against a lovely natural backdrop, the perfect place to enjoy the area.

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