Eye Catching Garden Sheds With Plenty Of Storage

Eye Catching Garden Sheds With Plenty Of Storage

Eye Catching Garden Sheds With Plenty Of Storage. This square wooden garden house is from Perr, with many variations for the construction and furnishing of the garden hut or the tool house. You can implement your dream house in your garden individually according to your wishes. Whether you need storage space for garden tools and terrace furniture, want to set up a workshop or a party room, or want a sauna in the garden there is something for everyone.

The following wooden thicknesses are available for your garden house made of square wood from 8 by 20 cm to 22 by 20 cm (in two-centimeter steps) with two or triple grooves and spring connections. With the wide range of variations for floor plans and interior design, nothing stands in the way of your dream wood cabin in your garden. Whether you want a particularly large terrace for cozy barbecue evenings or want to offer your children another place to play and adventure, the Perr garden houses are as different as their uses. And of course, you can also set up a workshop there or your garden house made of round wood or have a tool house delivered as a round log house.

Owners of the house and garden, in particular, know the problem and that is over the years, useful and also less useful tools and devices accumulate to maintain the house and garden. The home often does not offer enough storage space for these additional purchases. A log cabin made of round wood provides a remedy. The wood cabins are built in such a way that they last for decades.

If you want to clean up your garden, Perr tool houses and tool shops are not only a pretty eye-catcher, but also offer ample storage space for lawnmowers, spades, and the like. Perr’s tool houses are an optimal solution. With the smallest log houses from their log cabin series, you can not only store equipment, tools, bicycles, and flower boxes, safely and clearly. All your appliances are also within reach in the log house made of round wood and especially for gardening and the great thing, all tool houses are also available as square log houses. Each Perr log cabin building is built from domestic spruce and fir trunks cut down in winter and dried in the air for years. That’s why their log houses and cabin buildings are so stable, they defy wind and weather and can last for centuries.

Perr log houses have been combining traditional timber construction with natural building materials and modern technology for more than 40 years. Like no other building material, wood exudes an inviting and homely atmosphere and ensures comfortable living comfort. It regulates the humidity in a completely natural way, ensuring a pleasantly cool indoor climate in summer and soothing warmth in winter. Whether it is a residential house, garden shed, holiday home, or a functional building they design and manufacture all their houses in their family business tailor-made according to your ideas, even the smallest tool houses are individually manufactured according to your wishes.

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