Tiny Home Photo Gallery

Fantastic Log Homes & Tiny Home Photo Gallery

Fantastic Log Homes & Tiny Home Photo Gallery Log home living is the dream of many. There is something incredibly relaxing about the idea of a little log cabin or tiny home in the country side that connects to a more simple time. A time when our nervous system had a chance to process things a little bit slower. The modern world has become fantastically technological and wonderous place… but with all that hustle comes a lot of anxiety and stress.

Tiny Home Photo Gallery

That’s why the idea of retreating into a beautiful hand-crafted cabin in the woods, made of natural raw mother earth – hand-peeled logs, home, hearth, garden and family. These are some of the things that help us to really relax and enjoy life. If the idea of building a tiny little house is appealing to you, or a majestic log home… well, these things have something in common. They help us to get back to basics. They help us to relax and unwind and pay more attention to the simple things in life. Tiny Home Photo Gallery

The joy of growing a garden, or an honest day of working on your home improvements. Well, there is something very satisfying about that idea. So – are you one of those people, who just want to escape from the hustle and the bustle and the disconnect of the modern city and town life? Well… escaping into nature, building a log home, can, ranch or homestead. These are the things that dreams are made of. They connect with more simple part of our complex mind. The sound of birds chirping in the morning and a warm cup of coffee.

Opening the sliding door to a beautiful breath of fresh nature air. The sound of a creek nearby, the feel of the suns first rays upon your skin. These are the things that make human being feel truly alive and wonderfully happy.

It’s funny, all the things we think we want and need and all the while – sometimes it’s the less that is actually the more. The thing we are seeking that’s just out of reach, but actually right beside us the whole time. Log homes and log home living is an building style that goes back thru the ages of time. Not a lot has changed in the construction of log homes and peaceful ranches.

Well I hope enjoy some of the photos we have collected for you over the years. I hope some of these help you to dream and visualize your goals in life and I hope you find your happiness.

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