Big Modern Tiny House

Incredible Big Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage

Incredible Big Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage This tiny house on wheels is sure to change how you think about small house living. The stunning Hampton-style tiny house on wheels is located in Queensland, Australia, and is packed full of super clever design ideas. At 39 feet in length, the tiny home is big as far as tiny homes go and every inch of the home has been ingeniously utilized to create a beautiful and functional home.

 Big Modern Tiny House

Unusual for Australia, this tiny house on wheels has been constructed on a heavy-duty gooseneck trailer, allowing for more weight and a larger home to be built on the frame. This was important for owner/builders Colin and Megan who plan to retire in the tiny house after downsizing from a larger home. They wanted a space that would be large enough to encapsulate their lives without too much compromise, while also wanting a single-level design so they didn’t need to climb into a sleeping loft.

The tiny home was professionally constructed as a shell and Colin and Megan did all the interior fit-out themselves. Colin, having previously worked as a cabinet maker, has thoroughly thought out the tiny home’s design and has built in some truly amazing storage features and spatial design elements to make this home exceptionally functional. An unbelievable amount of storage space has been included in this home, from the under kitchen counter kickboards, to hidden cupboards behind the television to keep all the wires tidy, you’ll be amazed to see just how well this space has been designed. Big Modern Tiny House

The interior design in this tiny home is equally stunning. Inspired inside and out by Hampton homes, the tiny home is light, open and spacious, and filled with luxury fittings, from the beautiful marble counters, reclaimed timber features, and dramatic smart-home lighting, this tiny house on wheels is an absolute dream. Much of the interior design was done by Megan with the help of the couple’s daughter, who is an interior designer.

Colin and Megan have found a dream parking spot to match their tiny home also. Nestled amongst the trees a large deck has been added to the home to allow for exceptional outdoor living and entertaining. The surrounding veggie gardens have been beautifully landscaped and a tiny garden shed has been constructed to match the tiny house. To believe this tiny home, you have to see it. You’ll want to watch the full video tour to find out all about this tiny house on wheels and its numerous amazing features.

Once you take a look around you are sure to be amazed at just how large the tiny house looks and feels. The outdoor patio helps extend the interior space outdoors and adds to its spacious feel. There are plenty of windows to let in the natural light which also helps to make the tiny home feel larger. Inside the white walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, and stainless steel appliances give the tiny house a fresh and modern look. You’ll be sure to love the matching garden shed.

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