Incredible Container House

Incredible Container House With Recycled Wooden Interior

Incredible Container House With Recycled Wooden Interior In Brazil, it was the architects of Casa Container Marilia who built the Hanging House, a 238 square meter raised container house, which was built with 80 percent recycled materials. The container house was designed as a country house integrating into the local ecosystem while being sustainable and recyclable, it is based on the use of demolition wood indoors, and on the installation of a green roof with reuse of rainwater. Thermal and acoustic insulation is also the strengths of the house. This container house has chosen an interior design based on recycled wood. The incredible shipping container design has an amazing outdoor deck which brings the outdoors in and extends the indoor space making it feel much larger than it is. The use of plenty of windows and sliding glass doors is also what gives this shipping container home a feeling of spaciousness and a connection with nature.

Incredible Container House

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