The Living Room Of Our Dreams

Inside This Mississippi Barn Is The Living Room Of Our Dreams

Inside This Mississippi Barn Is The Living Room Of Our DreamsIt doesn’t get much better than this stunning Mississippi barn-style house designed for Tennessee couple Jessica and Kevin Carnell. The couple wanted a home design that suited their lifestyle and needs to include Jessica’s love of throwing big parties and a location that would match Kevin’s love of hunting. While living in Memphis, Tennessee the couple began dreaming up plans for a weekend escape that would provide plenty of outdoor space to both gather and hunt. Their original idea was to buy a few hundred acres and build a small container-style home, but in January 2013, when friends decided to sell 170 acres of their 500-acre property located an hour from Memphis, it was an offer the Carnell’s couldn’t resist. They loved the idea of being close to their friends and buying this land meant the couple could build the kind of house they truly wanted, something they could open up to guests. First, though, they had to focus on the home design, and for that, they looked to Doug Enoch, a Memphis architect. The couple wanted the design to fit in with its natural surroundings, and that is exactly what the architect did.Inside This Mississippi Barn Is The Living Room Of Our Dreams

The Living Room Of Our Dreams

When all of the elements and the barn-style home drawings came together, the couple began construction on a 3,000-square-foot barn-inspired home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open floor plan perfect for hosting a crowd. The barn-style home is a gambrel style of barn that has been popular forever. The Carnells wanted their home to feel like it has been there all along. Inside, the couple continued to embrace the all-natural approach with reclaimed and locally sourced building materials that bring the feeling of the great outdoors in.

The window-lined living room boasts a soaring fireplace clad in Arkansas fieldstone and reclaimed wood walls that make a statement without competing with the view. The couple lived by one rule and that is to only bring in building materials that looked like they could have been picked up around the property. In some cases, the building materials were found on the barn property. One day when they arrived at the front gate they discovered an old warped signpost sticking out of the ground, and that is when the thought to repurpose the post into their fireplace mantel came to be.Inside This Mississippi Barn Is The Living Room Of Our Dreams

Reclaimed wood walls (much of which was sourced from a local military depot) and a natural Arkansas fieldstone fireplace bring the natural outdoors in. They wanted to stay true to what’s available in the region. The barn-style home has a stunning two-tier, 54 bulb chandelier, that was designed by Kevin (with the help of a local blacksmith), which dresses up the room, which boasts 20-foot-high ceilings.

The couple mixed in plenty of modern amenities and refined touches. In the kitchen, you’ll find a custom-built island that is topped with a cool-toned honed marble, which is situated underneath a trio of pendant lights. Along the room’s back wall, gray-blue cabinets add subtle softness, while a dark soapstone countertop is a safe spot for hot pans to land. The couple loved the look of the marble but knew they needed something that could take more wear and tear.The Living Room Of Our Dreams

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