Prepare To Fall In Love With This Small Hobbit House

Take a look inside the Hobbit House located in Oregon by Archer & Buchanan Architecture. This stunning Oregon cottage that the owners refer to as the Hobbit House has so many details that you’ll be sure to love. The bents used on the home provided a great challenge for the building team and it was satisfying to see the timbers being raised on this project. The homeowners had been dreaming up this home for over 10 years, so when it came to execution, they knew exactly what they were looking for. The attention to detail put into not only the timber but the tile and stonework make this home a masterpiece. Archer & Buchanan Architecture and Eclipse Engineering did great work in bringing this dream home to fruition. This is just one of the homes by Canadian Timber Frames Limited, the following are some of the styles of homes to choose from when considering a build.

Cottages, Cabins, Camps, and Lakefront. Medieval styles of the English countryside inspired this charming and cozy style. They often feature steep gables and dormer windows for added overhead space upstairs, and striking pairs of square columns support the portico’s pleasing arch. Typically what describes the design style of a cottage, cabin or camp are the extended rafters, deep soffits, decorative roof brackets, and wide window casings – design elements that lead to a charming, welcoming relaxing feel. Often this style of building is supported by a large wraparound porch or enclosed outdoor space, all to help you maximize the views and the fresh country air. There are endless creative designs that cabins, cottages, camps, and lakefront properties leave themselves open to which are sized for the simplicity in life and family lifestyle but all hopefully reminding its owners to grab a good book, maybe a glass of wine, and curl up with a towel in summer or next to a fire in fall and winter.

Chalet Timber Frames. Classically found in Alpine settings, typically used by ski and hiking enthusiasts. The home designs normally consist of a gently sloping roof and wide, well-supported eaves, set at right angles to the front of the house with exposed structural members, and often decoratively carved brackets, stair, and balcony railings.

Rustic Mountain Timber Frames. This design style tends to be more rustic than the typical home (thus the name), consisting of bold, natural, and textured buildings to match the rugged mountainous environments giving it a rustic elegance as well as blending into the land, using the landscape and terrain to shape the house through a multi-level design. The broad multiple-level roof line matches the terrain’s multiple elevation changes to protect against the elements (winter snowfall and spring rain). Roofs generally have larger and more pronounced overhangs, much different from a traditional home design. It uses nature by bringing the outdoors in, extending indoor living spaces to the outside (outdoor living rooms) with decks, terraces, and other exterior areas. The home design makes use of the surrounding trees, boulders, and other landforms, incorporating them into the home and the outdoor living rooms.

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