Sauna House Made Of Solid Cedar Logs

Sauna House Made Of Solid Cedar Logs

You will be inspired by this Sauna House Made Of Solid Cedar Logs located in Tatiana Ivanova, Moscow. In addition to the apartment building, the owners also built a sauna on the spacious plot. It was built of a solid cedar log and was supposed to be a relaxation site with a seating area, a hammam, and a gym. The exterior and layout of the log cabin have already been agreed upon with the architect by the customers, and the designer was invited for interior design. The main room in the log house performs a connecting function with the other rooms in the house. The beautifully finished log house has several details throughout which you are sure to love.

The main room in the log house is functionally divided into three zones to include the living room, fireplace which is essentially a working oven for a Russian bath, and a kitchen. The main focal point was the reference column, inside which there is an entrance to the hammam and which is not only a constructive but also a visually important element. Against the background of wooden walls, the concrete structure looked plain but was associated with a powerful trunk of wood with a thick crown, which formed the basis of the concept of design picnic in the glade in the shade of spreading oak. To support and develop this idea, the artist Maria Veide was invited to paint the column.

Since the idea for the log house design was the theme of a picnic in the glade, it was impossible to do without a blanket, the role of which is played by a drawing of the floor, repeating the motif of classic plaids in a Scottish cage. Upholstered furniture is made to order and lives in water-permeable fabric. In the log house interior, the hammam designer used the color scheme of the log house and traditional Moorish architectural design, combining figured tiles, background, and set mosaics, the drawing of which is individual, and natural white marble. The floor is lined with special cutting porcelain stoneware.

Sculptures of swimmers in retro suits are installed in the front room, the ceiling is painted by artist Maria Veide. The bathroom has walls covered with micro cement. Customers are big fans of natural wood, so they asked to keep its texture and shades as much as possible in the interior. The designer covered the log walls with oil, and to prevent the space from looking uniform, she chose the dense color of the furniture: it allowed to focus on the beauty of the wood itself and highlight the decorative solutions that gave the house warmth and comfort.

The log house designer offered an interior in which Russian style with a traditional folklore color scheme, played out in a new way so that it would not emotionally be associated with the usual image of the house and there was some theatricality, a game. The palette is inspired by Gzhel and Pavlovsk’s painting, and part of the textile decor is made according to the author’s sketches.

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