Single mom builds beautiful tiny home to share with her daughter

Jen was living the American dream: married, with two kids, and living in a 3,000-square-foot house. She had heard about tiny houses but had never seriously considered living in one.

After going through a divorce, Jen simplified her life and moved from her huge home to Trailhead Tiny, her not-so-tiny mansion.

After a slow start in building her new home, Jen connected with a local tiny home builder who helped get her on track. She provided visual inspiration to the builder, who created something better than she imagined!

Despite the pandemic slowing down the process, Jen got her dream home for $170,000. The house includes many vital features for Jen: a full kitchen with tons of storage, several lighting options, and a farmhouse aesthetic.

Jen shows that tiny living can still mean luxury living. Her tiny home includes many high-end elements like a soaker tub, a washer/dryer combo, a king-size mattress, and a fireplace.

Jen shares the space with her teenage daughter, who has her own loft where she can keep up with her houseplant hobby and add green to the space.

Building a tiny home allowed Jen to live in the space of her dreams despite living on a single income. Accomplishing her version of the American dream shows how much freedom can come with tiny living.

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