Six Shipping Containers

Six Shipping Containers Were Used To Create This Unique Home

You will want to take a closer look at this amazing shipping container homemade with six shipping containers. The home design is located in Claverack, Red Mills, New York. The shipping container home has 1,920 square meters of space. The architects for this home are LOT-EK. The home features an open layout with a living room, dining, and kitchen on the ground level, and two-bedroom suites on the level above, each accessible by its stair, each with a full bathroom and walk-in closet. Large glass walls provide cross light and ventilation to all areas, with large decks to expand the open living space outdoor, into the back and front yards. An external stair provides access to the green roof and deck.

On the first floor of this shipping container home, you will find a front deck, open floor plan with living room/study/dining room/ kitchen, and laundry room. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, a powder room, and a full-size bathroom. There is a rooftop patio and plenty of closet space within the shipping container home.

LOT-EK is especially known for its innovative work with the standard ISO shipping container. They are the original shipping container architects. They have a quarter-century of experience exploring and adapting this incredible, durable, flexible, and sustainable object to architectural design applications. This is a form of adaptive reuse known as upcycling, which essentially means extending the lifecycle of already-manufactured objects, expanding the potential of existing systems, and exploring the futures of legacy platforms. Although these architects are experts in a shipping containers, they have made and proposed architectural designs out of cement mixers, airplane fuselages, and more. Their drawing in MoMA is made out of a cardboard box.

In the name LOT-EK, you can hear the words low and technology. They are low in the sense that we are humble because they are always curious, but believe in the dignity and ambition of their clients. They are low in the sense that they are thrifty and crafty, but never compromise on comfort and performance. They are low in the sense that they are environmentally low-impact and the ethic of their practice is grounded in adaptive reuse, but are also playful and powerful in their architecture regardless of where its components come from. Their experienced and energetic team is deeply collaborative with their partners and stakeholders from fabricators and manufacturers to clients and collectors. They are interested in objects and operations, in technology and ecology, because they are even more about places and people.

Shipping container homes can be more cost-effective than traditional housing. You can purchase a shipping container home for as low as $10,000. They are typically more cost-effective than conventional home designs because they require fewer building materials and labor to construct. You can lower the cost of customizing your shipping container home by renovating the dwelling using your DIY skills.

A benefit of shipping container homes is that they are quick to construct. Some contractors can build a shipping container home in under a month. You can also combine multiple shipping containers to create a larger home with a living room, dining room, extra bedrooms, a second floor, or even a container guesthouse.

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