Stay In This Budget-Friendly Modulog Pod

Stay In This Budget-Friendly Modulog Pod With Breathtaking Views

Stay In This Budget-Friendly Modulog Pod With Breathtaking ViewsYou’ll want to take a closer look inside of this unique Modulog Pod with so many details to love. ModuLog is a family building renovation and oak joinery business with over 40 years of experience. Their workshop and timber yard is situated in ancient woodland in Mid Wales, where they make oak frames and joinery. In 2013 they were granted permission to have log cabin buildings and glamping pods in their woodland site and they wanted to design a pod in a way that used local building materials, has low ecological impact, and blends in with the natural environment. They also wanted to design a pod with large glazing to maximize any un-spoilt views. They wanted their pods and cabin buildings to be used all year round in all weathers and to last with minimum maintenance. Stay In This Budget-Friendly Modulog Pod With Breathtaking Views

Stay In This Budget-Friendly Modulog Pod

from a basic design module. The modulo was born and they have since installed our pods, cabins, and garden rooms all over the United Kingdom. One of the benefits of the Modulog cabin is that they are built to your design. Modulo has its design range but you can also create your bespoke modulo to suit any personal requirements and budget. Every modulo is designed in modules, all of which are the same size. With 6 different module types to choose from, you can create your modulo for your needs.

The company simply designs your modulo by arranging your chosen modules in position. Adding together the modules enables you to create your bespoke design. For a larger modulo design they arrange the modules face to face to create a half-round shape. End gables can have a variety of window and door options including bi-fold doors. There are finish cladding options available with a full list of optional extras found here. With its modular design, they can create a unique bespoke moduLog cabin building to suit any personal requirements and budget. With all-new designs, it will be named after the clients and added to our range.

Modulog offers nationwide delivery throughout the U.K. and access issues are no problem for their kit form as all elements are designed to be hand-carried for assembly on site. ModuLog kits are ideal for self-assembly. They work on a first come first basis and all the cabins are made to order, so if you are looking for a hand-built unique cabin building with a large range of designs plus with the option to create your own bespoke, garden room, home office, glamping pod or holiday cabin then don’t delay and get in contact. Handcrafted by experienced tradesmen using locally sourced materials with handmade oak joinery. Each moduLog is built for a low maintenance all round year use and is designed to be used all weathers. The designs can be used from everything from luxury glamping, adventure holiday, or just nature, watching the moduLog makes a great place to stay. The designs have large double glazing that allows you to enjoy the environment and views on sunny and rainy days.

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