Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House,

Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings

Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings You’ll fall in love with this incredible tiny house that has been built for a remarkable price. Builder Jesse has taken a whole bunch of salvaged building materials (mostly old fence palings) and constructed a fully-featured and whimsically beautiful tiny house design all for less than $20,000. While a tiny house may be small, there’s nothing tiny about the amount of labor that goes into constructing one. If you’re choosing to use reclaimed or salvaged building materials that workload is dramatically increased as there is a lot of labor involved in reconditioning old materials and preparing them for a new project. If you’re willing to put in the work though, you can construct an affordable and beautiful tiny home for a remarkably low figure.

Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House,

Jesse’s home sits on an amazing property where he lives and works full time as a tiny house builder. While his boss was away on holiday and there was a break from work in the shop, Jessie turned his attention to constructing his own tiny house on wheels. Ever resourceful, he had managed to find a whole bunch of old windows which he salvaged and designed his tiny house around. Except for the framing, old fence palings which he saved from the landfill and thus got for free were used for both interior and exterior cladding as well as much of the cabinetry in the tiny house.

Thanks to Jesse’s labor and skill as a craftsman, these reclaimed building materials salvaged from the tip have been transformed into a functional and artistically beautiful tiny home. There are beautiful stained glass windows that cast warm light into the home, high quality, and wonderfully reconditioned old timber windows and the fence palings have been transformed into shingles which give the tiny home a unique storybook quality. The reclaimed building materials give the tiny home plenty of character.

Inside, there is a shower, kitchen, living room, and sleeping loft. The design of the tiny home has been kept open to give a wonderful sense of space and the windows beautifully frame the exterior world and the beautiful country views outside. Heating in the winter comes from a small wood stove which has been raised on a platform to provide storage from the firewood below. Jessie chose to keep the toilet outside in this home and has constructed an additional portable composting toilet which is situated next to the house.

The parking spot for this home is nothing short of remarkable. Located on a 400-acre organic farm, where he also works as a tiny house builder for a company that is located on-site, he has found an incredible and idyllic parking spot down by the river. There, he can park largely thanks to the help of his off-the-grid features, including his solar array which gives him freedom from the need to plug in and connect to services. Currently, he is also working on adding rainwater collection to his house. This tiny home is a fantastic example of what’s possible when you put your mind to a project. Despite his limited resources, Jesse has been able to construct a wonderful place to call home. Be sure to check out the full video tour (above) to find out more about this project. This is the ultimate location to live and work, and a tiny house design that is sure to inspire.

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