Super Simple Solar Going Off-Grid With EcoFlow

You’ll want to take a look inside the incredible EcoFlow power kit that has taken this brand-new tiny house off the grid. This system is a game changer for anyone wanting a comprehensive off-grid system for a tiny house, cabin, mobile home, or backup system for a residential home. You’ll want to watch this tiny house video where the host talks about a crazy month of weather in New Zealand, including two cyclones and unprecedented flooding which has resulted in the loss of life and unimaginable damage across the North Island. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience and being prepared for an emergency. It’s also another reason to be very thankful to have taken the tiny homes off the grid.

This new power kit from EcoFlow makes going off-grid easy. With multiple power inputs, including solar power, it’s a powerful and effective solar solution that has been specially designed with tiny homes, cabins, mobile dwellings, and residential home backups in mind. The video talks about taking tiny homes off the grid, and the benefits of an off-grid tiny home when natural disasters take place. This tiny house video is sure to inspire you with excellent tips for going off the grid, or even just having a backup for unexpected power outages. Whether it be for your tiny house, cabin, or mobile home this is a very good video to watch.

One of the things that make this EcoFlow power kit so great is that it is a complete system that includes solar panels, batteries, and power kit, with everything designed to work together. It is easy to use without complicated wiring. This is a really easy system to use, it is scalable to suit whatever needs you have, whether that be for a tiny home or a larger cabin. The power kit also has the capability for a high power output.

As you might expect when it comes to causes of power outages, most winter power outages are a result of bad weather or natural disasters, especially snow and ice storms. Due to an aging power grid unprepared for extreme weather, there has been an increase in unusual weather conditions tripping up states with ill-equipped systems. The following are some of the ways to prepare for a power outage and to make sure you are ready for winter outages with essential items.

Prepare An Alternative Power Source. Get ready with torches and batteries, or if you are thinking long-term, invest in a portable power station. Store Non-Perishable Food And Water. If you get snowed in during a power outage, you will need access to non-perishable foods in tins and packets. If you are using a power station to run your fridge and freezer, there’s no need to worry about perishable food spoiling, either. Make A Power Outage Survival Kit. Make a list of ways to weatherproof your home for winter, items to purchase for your power outage survival kit, as well as emergency contact numbers, and other essentials.

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