Elegant Log Home

Take A Sneak Peek Inside This Elegant Log Home

You’ll want to take a closer look through the personal home of Toshi, a stunning, handcrafted Elegant Log Home at Big Rock. This log home is a true labor of love and the work of a master artisan. The log home is the epitome of customization, this timber frame log home has a simple and open layout with an open-concept kitchen and living area, and a master suite on the main floor. There are two more bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs in the loft. What makes this log home come alive are the custom features including intricate carvings, old-world timbers, and 100-year-old reclaimed doors.

Features of this handcrafted log home design include 2 stories with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,344 square feet of space, an open-concept kitchen and living area, chinked dovetail log home, intricate custom carvings, antiqued old-world timbers, Spanish, Japanese, and Tuscan influences, 100-year-old reclaimed doors. The log home is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It has been featured in Log House Magazine (Japan), in March 2013, and Wood House Magazine (Russia), in Spring 2013.

There are several benefits of a timber frame style of the log home. For starters, a timber frame cabin building offers an open concept and strength. Open-concept log homes have been growing in popularity more and more, with expansive kitchens that overlook the common living areas in the log home design. The strength of the timbers you use in a timber frame log home allows for fewer load-bearing walls, which naturally creates an open floor plan that is free of obstructions. This type of timber framing has been used for hundreds of years, especially in older church architectural designs, because of its strength and its durability as well as its beauty. There are several benefits to building a timber frame cabin.

Less Waste. There is typically less waste in using the entire piece of wood in a timber frame log home than in using dimensional lumber for the framing in traditional homes. Once at the building site, the logs for a timber frame home are fit to size, then some adjustments are made with minimal waste.

Aesthetics. With a custom-built log home, you have the option of having the framing logs visible on the outer or the inner walls of your log home. There is a look of both beauty and strength when surrounded by perfectly placed timbers gives a sense of safety and comfort while also adding character. Additionally, there are more choices in where to place the windows and the doors with less load-bearing log walls and open concept design.

The limited number of load-bearing walls in timber-framed log homes allows for more flexibility and changes to the floor plan. There is also a tendency to use less wood and sustainable building materials when constructing a timber frame home which allows for a lower carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment. Recycled and local wood can be used in a timber frame home while what little timber waste there is can further be recycled.

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