Black Fork Log Home

This Black Fork Log Home Has A Lovely Interior

This Black Fork Log Home Has A Lovely Interior The Black Fork log home is a 1,095-square-foot home with one bedroom and one bathroom. The Black Fork is the perfect log cabin getaway for the weekend or a vacation. The extensive glass entry offers an unobstructed view of the lake or landscape, either from inside or outside on the covered front porch. This very affordable cabin building also features the popular open-concept great room with exposed timbers and fireplace, first-floor laundry area, convenient mudroom, bath, and generous size loft.

 Black Fork Log Home

A popular question when people are considering a log house build whether log homes have more maintenance than stick homes. In answer to that log home builders will say that on the inside, there is less. Most log cabin owners want mostly wood rather than drywall on the inside walls which, like wood furniture, has very little to no maintenance. Generally, on the outside of a log cabin though, like any wood-sided home, there is more maintenance than on a vinyl-sided home for example. However, with all things considered, there is not as much difference as you might think. When you consider the expensive type of maintenance, such as wind and hail storms, or even baseballs, log cabins are known to perform much better. Right after Hurricane Katrina, many log homeowners said that their log houses weathered the storm when everything else was wiped off the map.

A log wall is considered to be an honest wall, and what that essentially means is that if there is a problem you can see it the first day. In fact, because of this, log cabin buildings are often given a bad rap. Whereas in a stick-framed cavity wall, there can be an insect or water problem that is hidden behind the siding or the drywall for years, and it may not be until extensive damage is done that the unsuspecting homeowner is finally aware of it. Whereas wood is a natural building material, making it warmer and cozier than any man-made material such as drywall, vinyl, or concrete. Perhaps there’s more maintenance, but you can say the same as there is with natural grass compared to artificial turf. The fact of the matter is most people would rather play with their children on a real lawn as opposed to a maintenance-free yard of fake grass or take time to smell the artificial roses. All types of homes have some sort of maintenance.

Another thing potential log homeowners wonder about is log homes are prone to insects. The good news is that no, they are not any more so than any other home. Cavity-loving insects such as yellow jackets don’t nest in solid log walls. The misconception that log houses are more prone to insects is because in a log home if there are insect problems you can see them right away, whereas with stick homes they can be present for years before the homeowners realize it. Regardless of what type of home you own, stick or log, you should hire an exterminator to go over your home at least once a year.

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