Surely Be A Dream Come True For Anyone

This Stunning Log Cabin Will Surely Be A Dream Come True For Anyone

Surely Be A Dream Come True For AnyoneTake a look inside of the Cyrhlica House, a new wooden semi-detached house with two separate apartments with a comedian. The vacation home is located in the heart of the historic highlander village of Chocholow. The name comes from the nearby Cyrhlica peak. The property offers two fully equipped comfortable apartments with a fireplace for 4 to 6 people. Each of them has bedrooms with a balcony, bathroom, kitchenette, living room with TV and fireplace, and a terrace.Surely Be A Dream Come True For Anyone

Surely Be A Dream Come True For Anyone

The cabin has electric central heating. Bearing in mind the fact that the village of Chocholow is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, wooden houses were built in keeping with highlander tradition with elements of modernity. The finish and regional accents were made by local artists and sculptors, so you can feel the spirit of the highlander region during your stay. In the vicinity of the wood cabins, there are thermal pools in Chocholowskie Termy, a bicycle path around the Tatra Mountains, and the Witow-Ski ski lift. In just a few minutes by car, you can reach the top of Gubalowka and Zakopane.

In the vicinity of the cottages, there are the regional inn U Sliwa, 2 grocery stores, Karczma Witowianka, and a pizzeria. There is also a restaurant in Termy ChochoĊ‚owskie, just a short distance from the house. The owners have put their heart into the creation of the Cyrhlica Houses, so they hope that your vacation stay with them will provide you with unforgettable and pleasant memories. A house with a fireplace in Chocholow will surely be a dream come true for anyone who likes classic climates and wooden, warm architectural design. It is a combination of tradition with a hint of modernity, which significantly increases the comfort of your vacation stay. The huts are a great place to rest after sightseeing or practicing various types of sports, mainly winter sports. In the apartment, you can warm up by the fireplace and rest from the excess of stimuli that reach you every day. An important issue is also the fact that the wooden houses are located close to some of the greatest attractions for winter, which is the Choholowskie Thermal Baths.

A great solution for a May weekend in the mountains, winter holidays, or holidays is a trip to the town of Chocholow near Zakopane, which is located in the Czarny Dunajec valley. The village has a very interesting history and they can sometimes hear about it when it comes to the Chocholow Uprising in 1846. Moreover, Chocholow is a historic village, in its area, there are original, highlander buildings. All the wooden houses in Chocholow are unique they are built in the same style, which creates a unique atmosphere. It can be said that this place perfectly reflects the climate of mountain areas. These small historic cottages seem to harmonize perfectly with the landscape of the Tatra Mountains, the wood from which the houses are made is an element of nature and its crowning at the same time.

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