Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine

This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine!

This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine! This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine! This tiny house is like nothing you’ve seen before! Located in Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand the adorable tiny house submarine can accommodate up to 4 guests with 1 bedroom, 4 beds, and 1 bath. During your vacation stay, you’ll have the entire tiny house to yourself. You’ll feel like you are in the 1960s, all aboard for the magical mystery tour with the Beatles and their Yellow Submarine, powered by love because that’s what makes the world go round. The Cold War superpower scenario that happened in the Hunt for Red October puts you in charge of nuclear mutually assured destruction, will the soviet or US flinch first? Imagine yourself in 1943 North Atlantic, you are unterseeboot commander happy hunting stricken conveys with torpedo’s, then oops, claustrophobia grips, the diesel/electric metal box emergency dives to crush depth to wriggle free from depth charges pounding against the hull, classic Das Boot stuff.

Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine

Or you are an 1850’s captain Nemo of the steam-powered steampunk Nautilus and you must fend off monsters of the deep. So welcome aboard the departure lounge of the stargate travel machine to dial up your symbiotic electromagnetic fusion containment propulsion. The unique tiny house design is big inside. The Yellow Submarine floats in a sea of green suspended among redwood trees, you can’t miss it. The submarine is yours to relax and play in, where you’ll enter via ramp/jetty to the front bulkhead door to a victorian steampunk lounge and galley, then up the periscope to control/bridge, or midships to U Boat sleeping quarters/torpedos and then Beatles themed bathroom at the rear

During your vacation stay, you’ll find the breakfast supplies in the galley. You’ll want to note that cellphone/internet use is of course impossible on board a submarine (you may thank the owners for this). You may find yourself reverting to your childhood, and if you have children on board, remember they will need 100 percent supervision. During your vacation stay you’ll be rewarded with an overnight experience you won’t stop talking about. Captain Nemo runs a tight and tidy ship with the crew making a mess will be confined to the mess,won’t see the surface or shore leave this side of eternity.

The bright yellow exterior of this unique tiny house flows right to the little deck with a patio chair and picnic table. When you think of themed destinations, this one follows through from start to finish with true style. Stepping into the little submarine you are met with an experience, unlike anything you’ve had before. The doors between areas and entering this tiny space are just a part of the real submarine feeling in every detail. Inside the tiny house, you will find a small kitchenette, sofa, writing desk, two bunk beds, and a tiny upstairs captain’s chair to pretend you are steering the submarine. The bathroom functions completely for a simple shower, toilet, and sink are there for regular needs.

You’ll want to check out all of the nautical additions throughout including the yellow and black caution tape, a life-sized Beatle mannequin in the corner, clocks, fire extinguishers, thermostats, and tons of open pipes throughout.

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